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Welcome to my online jewelry store. Every piece is handmade by me, often with the help of my assistant. The kinds of jewelry I make can range from rings, earrings, charms, and pendants. But the variety doesn't end there. Each glass pebble can vary in size, color, and pattern. The metal mount or wire used to hold it can be brass, copper, or nickel. Even the way the pebble is held can vary. Wire wrapping, bezel, and cold connections are just the beginning. You can customize to your liking, or choose from pre-made uniques. Feel free to contact me for any questions or advice.

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Blue Fashion
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A Little Background

Blue Fashion

Since my first day in my high school's jewelry class, I've wanted to sell jewelry. My want became a plan when a fellow classmate told me I should sell them within my school, knowing people who would want to buy. My plan turned into action as sales rose and I began to sell products online. My ADHD and OCD play into part as each piece is unique. I am constantly experimenting, learning new techniques, and perfecting skills. So please, enjoy my creations.

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